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VibraLITE 3 Watch

 Product Details  Stock #: VL300DB

VibraLITE 3 Model VL300D-B

Blue Denim band with Stainless Steel buckle
Fits wrist sizes 5 7/8" to 7 7/8" (15 cm to 20 cm)
Blue Polycarbonate case (42 mm X 45 mm)
with Stainless Steel back
Weighs 1.7 ounces


Vibration, Audible or Both
options are set in Calendar Mode.
Icon in right corner of display indicates what option is set.

2 Daily Alarm Settings
Preset for variable reminders.
7 a.m & 7:10 a.m for wake up
2:45 p.m to pick up kids & 4:30 to start dinner.

20 second duration alarm with auto off or can be turned off by pushing any button.

Countdown Timer with Auto Repeat
for ongoing preset interval timing. Automatically repeats preset time each time countdown reaches zero.

every 2 hours for timed voiding or every 30 minutes to change fuel tanks or every 4 hours for medication or every 20 minutes for position changes or every 45 seconds to perform a task.

Counts down in hours, minutes and seconds– up to 23 hours and 59 minutes and 59 seconds.
20 second duration alarm with auto off or can be turned off by pushing any button.

2 Time Zones
Can set one for current location and one for home location when traveling.
Minutes in Second Time Zone will be the same as First Time Zone.

EL Back Light
Makes viewing of display easier in dark by pushing the Light Button

Display Time Digits
4.29 mm H X 2.44 mm H

Hourly Alert Option
Short reminder (1 second) every hour on the hour.

12or 24 Hour Clock Choice
Use a.m. / pm time or military time.

Time a function or a task up to 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59.99 seconds.

Stainless Steel Back

Water Resistant

One Year Warranty