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Up In Style


Self-Powered, Assistive Lifting Cushions


 Product Details  Stock #: UL-RD02
Risedale Up In Style:

Design - LeveLift

Get Up Safely in Style with levelift logo

Our goal in creating the new Risedale seat-lift chair was to give you the style you want, with the function you need.

You need help getting up, and you want to feel safe and secure while doing so. This is made possible because of our patented LeveLift – a flexible seat designed to move up and down on a level lifting plane. In other words, while using your Risedale, you stay safely seated on a level surface through all stages of the lift – avoiding the dumping action of other lift chairs.

So, you may need a little help getting up… but you don’t want to settle for a bulky lift chair. A chair that offers a lift shouldn’t look like a medical device; it should be as nice as every other chair you’ve ever purchased. Using LeveLift we were able to create a classic wing chair where only the seat cushion lifts, so you can rise up in style!

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Brocade Fabric
Removable Levers
Adjustable Legs
Ottoman (sold separately)



Sand  Red  Blue  Green

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Makes a great gift
A Risedale Up In Style
 makes a great gift for an elderly friend
or family member who values
independent living.